Get the least expensive insurance coverage for your Mazda MX-3

If you want to take care of your Mazda MX-3, there are a lot of companies that can offer you the best car insurance for your Mazda MX-3. Through the websites of these Mazda MX-3 insurance companies, you can sign up and use their insurance comparison tools and features to browse the top 100 companies in the United Kingdom to get the least expensive insurance quotes for your brand new Mazda MX-3.

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Buying a new car can be tricky when it comes to insurance policies. Let them show you how you can save thousands of cash with the right insurance for your Mazda MX-3. Here are a few helpful tips

If you want to lower your premium payments for your brand new Mazda MX-3, you can offer to payout a larger excess figure when claiming. Now, make sure that the figures are at the range that you can easily afford to avoid trouble in the future.

You can lower the risk of car theft by getting an improved alarm system for your car. An immobilizer system is also helpful. Moreover, make sure to park your vehicle at safe locations at night to avoid risks of your car being stolen or vandalized.

Drive less to lower your mileage.

Don’t go overboard with insurance coverage and just get the right protection for your car. Avoid add-ons.

Compare rates! When renewing your contract, it doesn’t hurt to get a 2nd opinion from other insurance companies.

Mazda MX-3’s 1.8-Liter V-6: Size Does Matter

During the early nineties, the 1.8-liter V-6 engine played a great role in lifting the Mazda M-3 from other mini-coupes competitors like the Honda CRX, Nissan NX, Hyundai Scoupe, and the Toyota Paseo. The Mazda MX-3 targeted whom they called the “young first-time sporty car buyers” a cluster that became Mazda’s new and booming customer base. The Mazda MX-3 also boosted the brand’s image as a fun and sporty car to be seen with.

There were two versions of the Mazda MX-3 that came out—the base model, which was equipped by a 1600cc in-line four engine; and the GS model which came with the small heavyweight of an engine, the 1.8-liter V6. The base model’s engine came with a 5-speed manual gearbox, 88 horsepower, and an EPA mileage figure of 29mpg for city driving and 35mpg highway driving.

The GS model came with a heftier 5-speed manual gearbox with a four-speed automatic transmission as another option. With the manual gearbox, the V-6 equipped GS registered 22 mpg for city driving and 28 mpg on highway driving.

The MX-3 first came out in 1992 and continued until 1994 in both the base and GS model. However, in 1995, the base model became the only choice. Mazda decided to take out the MX-3 model from its North America line up. While the MX-3 was, indeed, a sporty car fitted for the first timers and it sure was a blast to drive, a V-6 engine in a sporty coupe doest work out that well.

Remembering the Mazda MX-3

The automotive world is not exempted from dark ages in certain periods of its history. For some brands, millions of recalls can be considered a tragedy while for some makes like the sports coupe, the late 1980s through the 1990s can be considered as its gloomy years. This dark period for the coupes though was a time to shine for the Mazda MX-3.

The MX-3 caught the attention of the market when everyone was looking away from the sports coupe then. The Mazda MX-3 said hello to the autophiles back in 1992 and had a production run until 1998. The Mazda MX-3 derived its DNA from the Mazda Familia EC Platform.

What made the MX-3 a hit was its veering away from the old style, boxy design of the 80s. It strut smooth lines that exuded some modern touch and sporty driving attitude.

For the MX-3, what you see is what you get. The car manufacturer gave buyers two options for the engine. There was the I4 that had a 1.6L powerplant and a V6 1.8L. It was also a sport coupe that Mazda marketed around the globe, thus the different identities. Canadians called it the MX-3 Precidia while the Australians tagged it as the Eunos30X. The Japanese had several labels like the AZ 3, Autozam AZ 3, and Eunos Presso.

The MX-3 also made some Hollywood appearanceslike in I Robot, The Italian Job, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Sweet November, 15 Minutes, Analyze That, ALIAS, and Someone Like You among others.

Video: Mazda3 driver confronted by BMW owner

YouTube Preview Image

Shocked? Read on for the story behind that clip.

Somewhere along the scenic roads of Northern California, a Mazda3 was cruising to wherever the owner was going. As much as the first sentence sounded like a fairytale, this story is far from being one.

The story changed its phase when a BMW 335i exited a side street and pulling out just in front of the Mazda3 on the main road. The BMW driver stepped on the pedal while the Mazda3 decided to keep pace with the bimmer while keeping a good, safe distance.

The nice drive could have turned into an ugly fight when the owner of the BMW decided to suddenly stop and confronted the occupant of the Mazda. Swear words were thrown.

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The 2010 Mazda3

Ever since its debut for the 2004 model year, the Mazda3 has been a viable option for those who want sports car style at a compact car price. This year, for the 2010 model year, the car has had its first real re-design.

The 2010 Mazda3′s exterior is a variation on the previous design, one sporting several minor changes. Among the changes are a redesign of the front grille, which features a large gap in the lower bumper, something some critics have compared unfavorably to a “sinister smile.” 2010 Mazda3Other exterior alterations include the optional adaptive high-intensity-discharge xenon headlights, and LED taillights, as well as upgraded 17-inch tires to replace the standard 16-inchers. Also optional are a moon roof and a rear spoiler.

Interior features of the 2010 Mazda3, which is still being offered in both four-door hatchback and sedan versions, include a much more contemporary design, featuring front bucket seats and a rear bench (seating for a total of five including the driver), with optional upgrades from cloth upholstery to leather, heated or not. The backseat folds down in a 60/40 split to expand the cargo area in both versions of the car.

Other interior updates include red illumination for the gauges, and a screen atop the dashboard that displays air-conditioning and radio settings. There’s also an optional navigational system, which is operated via a collection of buttons on the right side of the steering wheel. A CD stereo with an auxiliary input jack, power windows, and a tilt/telescoping steering wheel are all standard across the line, with air conditioning standard on every trim level except the base iSV, and cruise control and remote keyless entry standard on every trim but the iSV and the iSport.

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Why Was the Mazda mx-3 so Popular in Canada?

Everything has its ups and downs and the same are applicable for cars too. There are shining years for cars and then there are dark and gloomy years too. If one cares to check out the history of sports coupes, they will find that the late 1980’s along with the late 1990’s was considered to be their dark ages. There are some champions that manage to stand amidst the gloom and continue to shine, despite everything and the Mazda MX-3 is one of them. Sales for the sports coupes had fallen drastically during these aforementioned periods but the Mazda MX-3 proved otherwise and its sales soared even during these dark periods making it its golden periods.

This is the main reason why the Mazda MX-3 is so popular in Canada. Apart from that the capacity of this car to take a maximum of 4 passengers also made it famous. There is another reason, and an important one, that made the Mazda MX-3 so famous in Canada. The Mazda cars released prior to this were styled classically and this particular model veered away from the classic styling that was prevalent in the 1980s that used to be boxy and sported conservative looks. This car had smooth and fluid lines and had a show of modernity apart from the fact that it was comfortable to drive. All these facts helped to make the Mazda MX-3 extremely popular in Canada.

Car Insurance for a Vintage Mazda mx-3 – Can I get Discounts?

People know that car insurance is very important since it saves them from lots of financial headaches in the event that their car meets with an accident. Yet people do not bother to insure their cars. They are confident that their car will never meet with an accident and that they need not waste money for insuring the same. This is a wrong notion and they are recommended to insure their cars, especially if the same happens to be famous cars like the Mazda MX3, one of the most popular cars in Canada. There is one big misconception in the minds of car users and that is about the insurance premiums.

They think that if they have a costly car, its premium will be costly too.

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Mazda mx-3 in Los Angeles

Are you searching for Los Angeles Mazda mx-3′s? If you are looking for a new car, the best bet would be to check out either the website of Mazda or search online for dealers of Mazda car.

There are many such dealers who have an online presence and they will assist you to get the best value for your money when going in for a Mazda Mx-3 in Los Angeles. Just browse the net and you will come across many dealers. It is best to select dealers that are close to you. Make list of such dealers and then check out their websites for prices.

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Polish guy taking his mx-3 from 0 to 100km/h

I have to say it looks more impressive than it probably is. I timed it at about nine seconds — that’s not too impressive (it’s not a Porsche, I know, but still… ;) ).

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Mazda Alternative Car Fuel

It is rumored that Mazda owners are reportedly the kings of innovation and it is not without reason that these statements are being made. In a few months this leading car manufacturer will be launching their hybrid car model no. RX-8. They know that their clientele are fed up and paranoid of driving cars because of the increase in fuel prices. They are no longer finding it worthwhile to drive cars that run on standard fuel and hence are looking for sources where they can obtain Mazda alternative car fuel. At the moment Europe is the only place where one can find this model of Mazda which runs on hydrogen. People have learnt about the new fuel which drives the car using a fuel that is made out of a combination of hydrogen and the normal fuel.

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